Friday, July 11, 2008

Sometimes drinking, wearing masks, and listening to Mariah is the best

Maybe its not about Karma

So I got this new bike like 2 or 3 weeks ago and I think it is cursed. My old bike was a faithful friend and never dropped me, scraped me, or ruined my precious clothing. It also never had a flat tire and, despite not having breaks, it never killed me. Since I got this new bike I have had 2 flat tires, 2 falls, 2 ruined pants....coincidence???? I think not! I HAVE A HAUNTED BIKE!!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


But I have had really bad kharma lately. In the past month I have had two flat tires, a stolen bike, a ripped pair of expensive pants, and two distinct falls off my bike. WTF OMFG STFU.

Kharma is a bitch!!!!!!! Expect this to happen to me soon.

Mt. Pleasant really is pleasant

How fucking dumb are you?

Jesse Jackson is a moron. First off, why would you ever agree to be on Fox News? The best way to discredit an organization with absolutely no journalistic integrity if you are prominent political figure is to deny them access to your person. if every politician, every newsmaker, and every expert with any sense of moral decency agreed to boycott Fox News, in a few years we probably wouldn't even have to deal with them because no one would take them seriously. But then even if you are dumb enough to actually humor Fox News by agreeing to be on their program, why would you ever say anything remotely negative about a candidate you are supposed to be supporting. And even if you were dumb enough to say something negative about the candidate you are supposed to be supporting, why would you be dumb enough to say it while sitting on set with a microphone attached to your lapel? The best part of this clip is you can totally tell the other guy is not amused and is totally creeped out.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I wish I was gayer

I don't think I fit in very well into the gay community. Last night I was out with a bunch of people and my friend Chris met up with us and left after like 20 minutes. He went off to a gay sports bar (oxymoron?) and when I texted him being like "dude why did you just up and leave?" he texted back "I just don't like straight bars." I really don't get that. I mean I can understand having a preference of one over the other...but to actually be averse to going to a straight bar? The fact that I don't understand this makes me scared because it makes me suspect that I just don't understand basic ideologies that the entire gay community takes as unalienable truths. Am I missing some sort of gene? I feel like I missed out on the Kool-aid drinking session and I feel like I will never really be able to connect with gay men. I see people's facebook albums at new york, baltimore, and DC pride and I scoff at the fact that someone would go from city to city participating in gay pride weeks. Or like why would you go to a party called "madonnarama"? So I guess my fear is that I will never be gay enough, never really get it enough to really be a part of the gay community, and will be cursed to an existence dictated by visits to straight bars sipping beers and being everyone's token "gay best friend." What a lonely life...I went home last night without telling anyone cause I was upset and fell off my bike just as I was pulling up to the front door. The thing I find most funny is that my first thought was "god I hope I didn't rip these pants."